Plunk YDNA – Any Matches? – Part Three

The YDNA results are in from the Nipps tester and I am disappointed that we don’t have a YDNA match to my great-grandfather David Brazille Plunk.

Since my tester is the only Nipps that has tested, I can’t say whether the tester is a Nipps or not.   Nor does it prove one way or the other that David Brazille Plunk belongs anywhere in the Nipps family.

Although the Nipps tester does have some matches that will hopefully provide more clues to the DNA jungle I’m hacking my way through, this particular person is in no way a match to my great-grandfather.

At this point,  I still don’t have the surnames of either of the biological parents of  David Brazille Plunk, but I do have more clues leading me to the right families by process of elimination.


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