Research Journal April 19, 2013

I have information overload. With the various DNA results, I’ve managed to collect so much information on other people’s ancestors. It’s unbelievable. I don’t want to trash any of it because how will I know if I’m throwing away a clue to my unknown ancestors?

For example, today I counted fifteen different gedcoms for people I don’t even know. I’m constantly switching back and forth looking for someone I recognize from my own lines. Not easy when I’ve accounted for around seven thousand known ancestors.

I’ve downloaded the trial versions of RootsMagic Essentials 6 and GenSmart both from You know the problem with trial versions? The features I need are only available on the purchased versions. I’ve played with both of them enough tonight to know I’m going to be buying them tomorrow. Then all those gedcoms are getting combined into one!

Okay, I have to admit I also bought a laptop to be used only for genealogy. I know it’s not necessary, but I’m rewarding myself for all the work I’ve done.

Have I mentioned how much I dislike Windows 8? Oh! I guess I just did.


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