Patrick Henry

One of those happy little discoveries I made when I started building my genetic tree was that Patrick Henry was my 6th great-grandfather.

The difference, for me, between a genetic tree and a family tree is that I was adopted by my step-father and I legally became someone else with a whole new paternal family.  However, when I started using DNA in an effort to discover the biological parents of my ancestor, David Brazille Plunk, I also had to find out who I was related to through DNA on my birth father’s side of my chromosomes.  I wrote about that in Genetics and Genealogy.

It was so funny when I told my daughter about this discovery and my grandson chimed in with “give me liberty or give me death”.  I didn’t even know he knew who Patrick Henry was!  In retrospect, if I had known this at an earlier age, I may have paid more attention in history class.

You can read a more detailed bio of Patrick Henry on Wikipedia:

I am not listing all of his children, their marriages, and descendants, but for the purpose of showing my relationship to him, I’m only listing the pertinent people from him to me.

Patrick Henry, 19 May 1736 – 6 June 1799 and his 2nd wife, Sarah Shelton

John William Henry 1765 – 1842 and his 2nd wife, Rosannah Wade

Elizabeth Jane Henry 1802 – 1875 married Icil Burchett

William H. Burchett 1825 – 1886 married Catherine Holsapple

John Calvin Burchett 1848 – 1880 married Nancy Ann Rennison

Lula Mae Burchett 1881 – 1963 married King Daniel VanBenthuysen (sometime between 1910 and 1920, he started using the surname Benson.  I haven’t been able to determine if it was a legal name change or not).

Myrtle Fae Benson 1910-1954 married Jeff Dave Tiger

Carl Alvin Tiger 1929 to 2012 married my mother

Carla Wallain Davis (6th great grand-daughter of Patrick Henry)


U.S. Federal Censuses, Marriage Records, Death Records, and cemetaries (


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