Who Were They? DNA solves a families questions.

All of my life I have heard that Grandpa’s biological family were German and the name was Smith.  Grandpa being David Brazille Plunk.

Although it’s possible his biological mother could have been a Smith, I believe I now have DNA proof (not paper) than his biological male line was Knipp/Nipp.  Here’s why:

At Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), the YDNA results of his great grandson match 37 to 37 markers to a descendant of James/John M. Boatwright.  However, our match didn’t match another descendant of James/John.  Looking in the Boatwright family I found their close kinship to Knipp/Nipp which I have written about elsewhere.

In my own autosomal DNA tests I’m listed as a 3rd cousin to a descendant of Leann Knipp.

Then this morning, the holy grail, my Grandpa’s DNA matches 37 to 37 markers to a descendant of Edmund Knipp.

And now the research begins to get to know the biological family of David Brazille Plunk.

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