Nipp Knipp KIN DNA Project

I am so very thrilled to announce the birth of a new DNA project at Family Tree DNA.

My double cousin, Tamara Mitchell, has graciously consented to co-administer the project with me, and she has been working day and night for the last several days designing the accompanying website. She has been tireless in setting this up and making any changes I have requested of her.

It is our goal to utilize paper and genetics to discover the lineages of the surnames Nipp, Nipps, Nepp, Knipp. or any variation thereof.

If you are a male with one of those surnames and have not tested your Y DNA, please go to and order your kit. When the results are in, come join us!

If you tested with another company, you can transfer your results to Family Tree DNA and join the project. Or, if you are a female and have a male relative from one of those lines, please order a Y DNA kit for him.

Come check us out, then order your kit, as we begin this journey of discovering the many different lines of this historical surname.


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