A Knip Puzzle – Part Two

In several other posts I’ve explained why I believe my Plunk ancestor is actually a Nipp/Knipp/Knepp. For more information on the YDNA project please see http://www.familytreedna.com/public/NippKnapp-KIN/ or

At smgf.org, I manually entered the markers for the Plunk descendants and we have 3 matches from that database. All of them are 37/37 marker matches.

1. KNEPP[USA-Pennsylvania]: 4gen

I have no way of contacting this Knepp tester to ask him to join our YDNA project, but I hope someone in his family sees this and decides to test.

This person states his ancestry is:

Henry KNEPP b. 6 Jun 1852 Shiloh, Pennsylvania, USA

b. 9 Nov 1893 Clearfield, Pennsylvania, USA

alice Rosalie b. 22 Feb 1856 Shiloh, Pennsylvania, USA

I hope someday there will be enough men in these families to test to accomplish the goal of tying them all to their immigrant ancestor.


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