Louise Myrtle Haywood 52 Ancestors #1


Louise Myrtle Haywood Plunk, aka Myrtle Elijah Way
My maternal grandmother and the mystery that started my obsession with genealogy. She was born March 15, 1909 in Missouri and passed from this life on March 23, 1933, Oklahoma.

myrtle 2

Her youngest child, my mother, was a couple of months old at the time of Myrtle’s death. Naturally, she was curious about her mother’s family and life. She knew that Myrtle’s name was Myrtle Elijah Way, that her real surname was Haywood, and that Myrtle used the surname of her step-father, Charlie Way. She also knew that Myrtle’s mother’s name was Mary and that Myrtle’s father had died from being kicked in the head by a mule. The family didn’t know the name of Myrtle’s father though. The only other things I knew about her was that she had one brown eye and one blue eye, had a half-brother named Granville, and was a giving, caring person. Her nature was described in the story of how Myrtle had given a quilt to a woman simply because the woman admired it.

Although I had searched and searched, I could not find a Mary Haywood with a daughter Myrtle on the 1910 census. I had almost given up until that one fateful telephone conversation with my mother when she said, “Grandma told me that before dad married mother, he used to go with her sister Kate”. A few nights later, I literally awoke at three in the morning because I suddenly remembered a 1910 census I had seen with a Mary Haywood and two daughters. Not Mary, with daughters Kate and Myrtle, but Mary with daughters Kate and Louise M., living in the household of Mary’s parents, John William “Buck” Bridges and Nancy Adeline Pugh.

I had just found a whole branch of my family and even more mysteries to solve! Why was Louise Myrtle using the name Elijah as her middle name? Who was her father and what really happened to him? What happened to Kate?

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