Kate Haywood 52 Ancestors #4

Hello.  My name is Kate.  I am the sister of Louise Myrtle Haywood and the daughter of Mary Elizabeth Bridges Haywood Way.  Yes, I also had a brother, Charles Granville Way.


 I don’t know whether to be annoyed, or flattered, that you are curious about me and my life.  I know you have lots of questions, and whether fortunately, or unfortunately, I’m not here to fill in the gaps of what you’ve found out about me.


In June of 1900, according to the Census, my mother was living with her parents, brothers and sisters in Mount Calm, Fulton, Arkansas.  Mother is listed as single.  Either I wasn’t born yet, or the person who spoke to the enumerator didn’t tell him about me.  There were no children listed for mother on the Census.

John W Bridges


Nancie A Bridges


Mary E Bridges – My   Mother


Jennie A Bridges


William S Bridges


Henry D Bridges


James E Bridges


Duce D Bridges


Auther C Bridges


Perry T Bridges


Richard F Bridges


Peachie Bridges



On June 25, 1905 mother married Elijah C. Haywood in Viola, Fulton, Arkansas.  Mother’s surname was listed as Bridges on the marriage record.  On Friday, March 5, 1909, the Sharp County (Arkansas) Record published the story of Elijah’s death.  That article was actually previously published in the Salem Sun.  Elijah probably actually died during the last week of February 1909.  I was the child listed in the article as my sister, Myrtle, wasn’t born until several days later.


In 1910, according to the census, mother, Myrtle and I are living with my grandparents, aunts and uncles in Washington, Fulton, Arkansas.  And before you start thinking I’m the baby named Peachie on the 1900 census, she was also on the 1910 census.


John H Bridges


Nancy A Bridges


Mary Haywood


J Edward Bridges


Drew T Bridges


Arthur C Bridges


Perry T Bridges


Richard F Bridges


Peachey A Bridges


Kate K Haywood


Louise M Haywood

  [1 1/12] 


This census says mother gave birth to four children, two of which are living.  That’s me, Kate, and my sister, Myrtle.  Four babies within 10 years.   I’m sorry I can’t tell you about those other two babies.  I hope you can find out though.


How good are you at math?  The 1910 Census was enumerated on April 23rd, 1910.  Under age as of last birthday, the enumerator has Aunt Peachie as 10, and me as 11.  You’re a smart one aren’t you?  There she was in June of 1910 as 7 months old.  Yes, I agree, the enumerator, or someone, probably confused our birthdates.  Peachie was 11 and I was 10.


Oh, I can see the wheels turning in your head wondering how I could be Elijah’s daughter if I was born about 1900 and he didn’t marry mother until 1905.  I know you’ve heard the story that one of the aunts has handed down to her descendants about who my father was.  This is why I’m kind of annoyed with you for being so nosey. 


With all due respect to my aunt, I ask you this, niece, has anyone else in the family told you the same story?  Have you found a shred of evidence to support it?  No?  Then until you have concrete proof of who my father was, that will have to remain between my mother and I, assuming she told me.


On August 16, 1910, mother married Charles Albert Way.


C A Way





Birth   Year:

abt 1873


Viola, Fulton, Arkansas

Spouse’s   Name:

Mary Haywood

Spouse’s   Gender:


Spouse’s   Age:


Spouse’s   Residence:

Viola, Fulton, Arkansas

Marriage   Date:

16 Aug 1910

Marriage   License Date:

15 Aug 1910

Marriage   County:


Event   Type:


FHL   Film Number:






Kate and family

Here we are, the family.  Yes, this picture is in sad shape. I don’t know what happened to my face and grandfather’s.  That’s me on the left, then mother, Mary Elizabeth Bridges, and your grandmother, Louise Myrtle Haywood.   Seated is your 2nd great grandfather, John W. “Buck” Bridges, my brother, Charles Granville Way, and Charles A. Way.

1n 1920, according to the census, mother was living with her husband, Charley, my sister, Myrtle, and my brother, Granville, in Harrison, White, Arkansas.  I would have been about 20 at that time.

Charley A Way


Mary Way


Myrtle Way


Granvill Way

  [4 2/12] 


You want to know where I was in 1920?  I was back at grandfather’s home in Washington, Fulton, Arkansas.

John W Bridges


Nancy A Bridges


Pecha Bridges


Kate Roberts


Catherine Vangorden



Oh, I do wish those enumerator’s could get my age right.  I think it would make things easier for you.  Here I am a widow and listed as “niece” to my grandparents.  Who is Catherine Vangorden?  Well, the census says she’s John Bridges mother-in-law, but that’s not true.  Nancy’s mother was Mary W. Routon Pugh.   


In 1930, according to the census, mother, my step father, Charles A. Way, and my half brother, Charles Granville Way, were living in Salamanca, Cherokee, Kansas.

C A Way


Mary Way


Charles Way



By this time, your grandmother, Myrtle, was married to Orvan “Bud” Plunk, and living in Oklahoma, having her own babies.  Did you figure out yet that Myrtle was 16 when they married?  Yes!  The stinker lied on their marriage application.  Imagine her telling everyone that her middle name was Elijah! 

I know you’re wondering where I was after 1920.  Well, I know that your great grandmother told your mother that Bud used to “go” with me before he married my sister.  I see that look in your eye, niece, you’d love to know that story, wouldn’t you?  I think I’d enjoy telling you about that. 


Well, since your grandparents met in Oklahoma, and since I knew your grandfather first, it’s a safe bet that you should look for me there.  We did have Haywood cousins in that area.  Question is, what name was I using?  And now you know I married a man named Roberts and was a widow in 1920. 


In parting, niece, here’s this final picture of me.  Oh I can see I’ve done it now and sent you to wondering who Mr. Eloy is!
Kate and Mr Eloy


I love you Aunt Kate!  I will continue looking for the rest of your story.  I enjoyed our time together today.



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