The Nipps Sons of Lucinda Coker #9 of 52 Ancestors

You may want to read A Family for David, #7 of 52,to see why I am writing about the Nipps sons of Lucinda Coker.

I just had one of those moments where I have spent two hours writing a story and the whole thing disappeared. I doubt I will be able to do it justice in the rewrite as the hour is getting late, and I am getting tired.

As far as I have been able to find Lucinda Coker and Henry Nipps had three sons, Henry, Jr., Andrew Jackson, and Charles E.

The first son, Henry, Jr., born approx. 1845, is listed as blind on the 1850 census and he is missing on the 1860 census when Lucinda is married to Thomas Boatwright. Nor is he with Lucinda at the Rolla Refugee Camp, Rolla, MO in 1864. I can only presume that he is deceased by 1860.

The second son, Andrew Jackson Nipps, married Sarah Hawkes/Hawker and had several children. None of which would have been old enough to father David Brazille Plunk, born May 1879/80. Nor can I find a DNA connection in my autosomal results to his wife or the families of his children.

That leaves Charles E. Nipps, born 1849, who married Margaret Catherine Albert, the widow of Francois Courtois. Charlie died in 1924, being predeceased by his wife, leaving his entire estate to his step daughter Antonia Elizabeth Courtois Jackson Looney. Apparently, Charlie never had any children of his own.

Yet, I descend from one of these two men. One and I can find no DNA connection to his wife, nor his children. The other claims he had no children.

Pretty obvious I need to research the women living in Charlie’s household and neighborhood in 1879/80. Don’t you think?

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